October 1st Meeting

Hands on Paper Piece practice.

Elaine lead a refresher tutorial.

Member tips included:
-Using a light table to help align fabric
-washable glue stick to holding the first piece in place
-use small stitch length and back-stitch at start and stop
-flower pins (flat head) work well
-it is easier if you start with a solid (no right and wrong side to worry about)
-Use card stock to help get crisp straight folds when trimming seams
-Add a quarter ruler can help with trimming. Going with a ruler longer than the 6” version is recommended.
-When removing the paper: weaken by folding back and forth at seam, put finger on stitches to support them when tearing away the paper.

Most members had unfinished blocks at the end of the meeting. Some will be finishing at home. Drawing for the blocks will occur at the next meeting. I would suggest allowing all members to bring blocks to this meeting if they would like to be included. Also, we might want to consider weighted drawings. It seems fair that members that submit multiple blocks have an increased chance of winning.

Current list of members that submitted blocks:
Adele (1 block)
Carson(1 block)
Lynne (1 block)
Donna (1 block)
Elaine (1 block)
Robin(2 blocks)

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