January 2016 Meeting

Happy New Year Northampton Modern Quilters!
Our next meeting will be on Sunday January 3rd at 12:00 noon at the Rocky Hill Co-Housing Community Common Room. The agenda for the meeting is as follows:

  1. Business meeting and treasurer report. The books will be presented by Lynne McLandsborough since our Treasurer Lee Sproull cannot attend the meeting.
  2. Special Presentation: “What is modern quilting?” by our good friend and modern quilters Tess Poe of the Beehive Sewing Studio in Northampton.
  3. Committee meetings. After our December meetings, the officers met and came up a single charge for each committee. These were kept purposely vague, so that the committees can work autonomously and descide on how to fulfill their charge.  Officers will be on each committee, so that we all can be involved in the running of the guild.

Fundamental charges of each committee:

Membership Committee: Maintain and increase membership

Communication Committee: Assure that our webpage is current and up to date, and a resource for all modern quilters.

Programming Committee:  Plan 10 yearly meetings.

Charity Committee: Adapt a model to organize charity sewing and giving, and organize projects.

Cheers!  Lynne

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