Half Wonky Log Cabin Challenge

The Philanthropy Committee is initiating a block challenge using the wonky quarter log cabin block (also called wonky half log cabin block). Please see the attached pic and the tutorial for a 12″ block.
We are proposing that we integrate the QUILTCON 2017 Charity Quilt Challenge into our own guild’s challenge so please read the following link carefully:

The guidelines for the challenge are the following:
· Please make as many blocks as you can, in as many sizes as you can.
· Block sizes that you submit should be 3.5, 6.5, 9.5, or 12.5, so that the finished block in the assembled quilt will be 3, 6, 9 or 12 inches. We will be using these multiple sizes of the block in our quilt design (see Kathy York’s “i Quilt” in the link as an example of this)
· We will be creating a number of charity quilts, and one quilt (no smaller than 68 x 88, no larger than 72 x 92) will be submitted to QUILTCON
· If you want your submitted blocks to be considered for the QUILTCON quilt, please follow the color palette included in the QUILTCON link. When using your stash, please try to match your colors as closely as possible with the color palette provided. You may use prints, but please follow the instructions in the QUILTCON link. If you just want to use whatever you have on hand for solids and prints, that’s fine as well, but realize that only blocks that have followed the color palette guidelines in the link will be used for the submitted quilt. The remaining blocks will be used to make beautiful lap-sized quilts for a nearby charity
· You have until the June monthly meeting (June 5, 2016) to submit your blocks. If you won’t be attending the June meeting, please arrange for a fellow member to submit your blocks. Alternatively, you can mail them to Robin at home.
Carson has agreed to be our project manager for the QUILTCON quilt. She will complete all necessary paperwork (July 30, 2016), and make certain the final quilt is completed by the submission deadline (February 3, 2017).