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Next Meeting in Sunday February 7th

Hello Northampton Modern Quilters,

Our next meeting will be on Sunday February 7th from 12-2 at the Common House of Rocky Hill co-housing community.  Our Agenda will be as follows:

  • Announcements
  • Program: Elaine Huffman will be presenting “Five generations of quilters – stories in pictures and quilts”. It will be a combination of a slide show of pictures, trunk show of quilts from her great grandmother, both grandmothers, mother, child and herself, and stories of the quilts and makers.
  • We will have time for committee meetings, to continue the work we started in January’s meeting. The goal of all committees is to assure our guild remains a vibrant and exciting group sharing the love and knowledge of modern quilting.

Other info:

2016 Dues.  Dues will be $50 for 2015.  Please bring your checks or cash to the February meeting.  For those of you who have paid, we will have 2016 MQG membership cards and pins.  If you are planning on paying this month, please let me know, so I can make sure I print up a card for you!


January 2016 Meeting

Happy New Year Northampton Modern Quilters!
Our next meeting will be on Sunday January 3rd at 12:00 noon at the Rocky Hill Co-Housing Community Common Room. The agenda for the meeting is as follows:

  1. Business meeting and treasurer report. The books will be presented by Lynne McLandsborough since our Treasurer Lee Sproull cannot attend the meeting.
  2. Special Presentation: “What is modern quilting?” by our good friend and modern quilters Tess Poe of the Beehive Sewing Studio in Northampton.
  3. Committee meetings. After our December meetings, the officers met and came up a single charge for each committee. These were kept purposely vague, so that the committees can work autonomously and descide on how to fulfill their charge.  Officers will be on each committee, so that we all can be involved in the running of the guild.

Fundamental charges of each committee:

Membership Committee: Maintain and increase membership

Communication Committee: Assure that our webpage is current and up to date, and a resource for all modern quilters.

Programming Committee:  Plan 10 yearly meetings.

Charity Committee: Adapt a model to organize charity sewing and giving, and organize projects.

Cheers!  Lynne

Next Meeting is Sunday Oct 4th from 12-2 at the Common House

Hello Northampton Modern Quilters!

Our October meeting will be on Sunday October 4th from 12-2 At the Common House of the Rocky Hill co-housing community.   We have a great program with a Timna Tarr, we will also have a business meeting.


1) Scheduling changes. There will be a discussion of moving to a 9 month (Sept –May) meeting schedule.

2) Discussion of Guild Dues.   The guild leadership wants to increase the meeting dues to cover costs of supplies as well as bringing in high quality speakers.  The MQG association also become more expensive as we gain membership.  The officers are proposed to raise the dues from the current $36 to $50.  So currently, our per meeting cost is $3 x 12 meetings – and if we agree to move to 9 meetings a year with the higher guild dues, in the future it will be $5.56 x 9 meetings.

3) Committee Assignments.  The guild leadership wants to expand involvement of all members in the guild.  For this reason, we’ll be asking everyone to sign up for one standing committee.  The committees we propose are as follows:

  1. Programming Committee Responsibilities: plan program,  responsible finding an individual who can take responsibility for each monthly meetings
  2. Communication Committee. Responsibilities:  write up meeting summary for the web page.
  3. Membership Committee Responsibilities: Work on increasing membership, reach out to members who have dropped membership.
  4. Charity Committee. Responsibilities:  Identify charity opportunity, organize projects.


1) Our own Timna Tarr will present “Now What? Choosing the Right Quilting Design”. She will talk about why some quilting designs work better on some quilts than others, and how thread and batting choices affect the overall look of the finished quilt.

2) Share, share, share! The last 20-30 minutes of our program will be devoted to sharing your most recent work.

Scheduling Change!  Next Meeting will be an all-day charity sew in on Saturday November 7th (10-5 pm) at a Notion to Quilt in Shelburne MA.  The goal is to finish up the charity quilts we have semi completed (Red-White-Blue, Leaves, and Wonky Stars).  More info to follow.

NMQG March 2015 Meeting

Hello Northampton Modern Quilters,

Our next meeting is Sunday March 1st from 12-2 at the Common House of Rocky Hill co-housing community.


  • Collection of Leaf Blocks. Bring those leaf blocks!  We’ll discussion of moving forward with Rocky Hill Common House Donation quilt.
  • Update on HAVQG Show. This is our last meeting before the show!  We’ll be signing up to volunteer and talking about fliers.
  • Upcoming programing discussion. Our fearless programming chair, Diane Wespiser, and the officers have come up with a tentative programming schedule that we’d like discuss. 


  • Lee Sproul. will give us an overview of quilter Anna Williams. Anna Williams was an African American quilter who produced hundreds of gorgeous quilts. Although she never received the level of recognition of the Gee’s Bend quilters, her work profoundly influenced that of a number of prominent quilters beginning in the 1990s. Lee will briefly describe her life and show slides of her work and that of some of the quilters who’ve been influenced by her.  Lee will also share her own beautiful Anna Williams quilt and tell its story.
  • Quilting Journey: Audrey Hyvonen of Big Top Quilts will share her quilting journey this meeting
  • Quilt share – Bring your finished and in-progress projects to share