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October 1st Meeting

Hands on Paper Piece practice.

Elaine lead a refresher tutorial.

Member tips included:
-Using a light table to help align fabric
-washable glue stick to holding the first piece in place
-use small stitch length and back-stitch at start and stop
-flower pins (flat head) work well
-it is easier if you start with a solid (no right and wrong side to worry about)
-Use card stock to help get crisp straight folds when trimming seams
-Add a quarter ruler can help with trimming. Going with a ruler longer than the 6” version is recommended.
-When removing the paper: weaken by folding back and forth at seam, put finger on stitches to support them when tearing away the paper.

Most members had unfinished blocks at the end of the meeting. Some will be finishing at home. Drawing for the blocks will occur at the next meeting. I would suggest allowing all members to bring blocks to this meeting if they would like to be included. Also, we might want to consider weighted drawings. It seems fair that members that submit multiple blocks have an increased chance of winning.

Current list of members that submitted blocks:
Adele (1 block)
Carson(1 block)
Lynne (1 block)
Donna (1 block)
Elaine (1 block)
Robin(2 blocks)

September 10 2017 Meeting

Our next meeting will be on Sunday, 10Sept2017, from 12-2 pm at Rocky Hill; THERE IS NO MEETING THIS SUNDAY AS IT IS LABOR DAY WEEKEND! Please bring any food inspired wall quilts that you have created for our month long exhibition at Chester Common Table, a restaurant in Chester, MA. Please make certain your quilts have a 4 inch sleeve attached!!
For the meeting on Sunday, 10Sept, our agenda will be simple:

Go through business
Have a leisurely show and tell
Get to know members (we have some new members that we should get to know better)

FYI, some upcoming events and business items I’d like to share ahead of time so they are on your radar screen for the meeting:

Florence Annual Sewing Exchange on Saturday, 16Sept2017 from 9 am until 1 pm at Florence Congregational Church. We will be selling our guild fabric. Seeking volunteers to help sort and organize fabrics at Elaine Huffman’s studio on Friday, 15Sept2017, and to help me “man our vendor booth” on Saturday. Contact Robin if interested in volunteering (thanks to those who have already reached out)

Month long exhibition of food-inspired wall quilts at Chester Common Table in Chester, MA. Bring your quilts to the 10Sept meeting or arrange with Robin for her to get your quilt before the hanging on 26Sept2017. Seeking a few volunteers to help hang quilts on Tuesday, 26Sept2017 (the restaurant is closed on Tuesdays). Quilts can be for sale if you wish, and they will be up for Columbus Day weekend with lots of leaf peepers dining at the restaurant!

Amy Friend improv paper piecing workshop coming up 21Oct. If you haven’t registered/paid for this event yet, and you are interested in participating, please do so ASAP-it will soon become open to the public. Contact Diane for more details, and Betsey to register

Our website will be migrating to WIX from WordPress in the next months with Denise LeDuc graciously heading this effort

Outside Speaker Form

June 4 2017 Agenda and Meeting

This Sunday, June 4 2017, is our next NMQG meeting at the Common House of the Rocky Hill Co-housing Community, Northampton, MA.This meeting is from noon until 2 pm (regular time).

The agenda for this meeting:


o   Start of registration/payment by NMQG members for Amy Friend all day workshop on improvisational modern paper piecing on 21Oct2017.

§  Members cost is $35 pp, lunch is included

§  Amy’s book, “Improv Modern Paper Piecing” is required for the workshop, and she will have books available at a 20% discount on that day.

§  Workshop will be held at Chesterfield MA Senior Center


o   Audrey’s quilt acceptance to Threads of Resistance

o   Date of NMQG visit to Threads of Resistance Exhibit in Lowell MA


June Meeting Notes June 4,2017

We began our meeting with Jeff Rutherford giving an informative, interactive demonstration of foundation paper piecing by sewing a New York Beauty Block. Jeff said there is a wonderful Craftsy class on foundation paper piecing. There were many questions and some great  suggestions as many members have done foundation paper piecing. One critical point that I took away from Jeff’s lesson was to make certain that your cut pieces of fabric will cover the area you are sewing and then some-it’s difficult, once sewing is done, to fix this! Jeff and Elaine Huffman shared with us their New York Beauty quilts that they had previously made.

Diane Wespiser began registration for the Amy Friend workshop on 21October2017 at the Chesterfield Senior Center.  The cost for the workshop is $35, and this cost covers the class and lunch. As a separate cost, you must have Amy’s improv paper piecing book for the class, and  Amy will have copies for purchase at 20% off the retail price. Participation is limited to 20 people, and will be eventually open to the ”quilting public” so members, if interested, should register ASAP.

Audrey Bromberg Hyvonen has received word that her quilt was accepted to the national, travelling “Quilts of Resistance Show”, which opens on 14July2017 at the New England Quilt Museum in Lowell, MA. As a summer field trip, NMQG members will going to see this exhibit either 22July2017 or 19August2017, followed by lunch. Please check your calendars, then respond to the voting email to select one of these dates. After the fact note: Our field trip to Lowell will be on 22July2017!

As many members submitted quilts which were not accepted to the national show because competition was so fierce, Jeff Rutherford has volunteered to organize a local “Threads of Resistance Show”. Please speak with Jeff directly for details if you are interested in submitting a quilt.

We will be having NMQG quilts showing for the month of September, 2017 at the Common Table, a restaurant on Main Street in Chester, MA.  The quilts should be wall quilts with a food or kitchen inspired theme, no larger than 36 inches by 36 inches, and having a 4 inch hanging sleeve attached. These quilts could be for sale by the quilter, if desired. The quilts will be hung on Monday or Tuesday the first or second week in September and stay up until Monday or Tuesday the first or second week of October. For members creating quilts, plan on having them completed by the last week in August. Robin will contact you about getting your quilt to her.  Erin Patrick, one of the proprietors, says that we can have a reception out on the patio (weather permitting), or in the back room with drinks and appetizers in September once the quilts are up. Stay tuned for further details.

Elaine Huffman was looking for members interested in a private or group class(es) or sessions with the RV Quilter, Nicole Wilde the last few days of June 2017, when Nicole plans to be in the area. Contact Elaine directly for more information.

Charlotte Davenport shared the many prayer rugs she has made. She prepared a handout with guidelines and information on making prayer rugs, and she shared information that she is working with Naz Mohamed of South Hadley to coordinate getting prayer rugs to recipients.

Jeff Rutherford gave a short report on the NMQG first retreat from 18May-22May2017 in Chester, VT. Folks who attended chimed in as to what a fun time it was, and showed what they had worked on. The plan is to do this again the third week in May in 2018 so stay tuned for details!

Show and Tell…


May 7 2017 Agenda and Meeting Notes

As discussed at our last meeting, our May program will be a Sherri Lynn Wood style Improv Round Robin.
We will meet on 7May2017 at Rocky Hill Common House from 11:00 AM until 2:00 PM (NOTE THAT THIS IS A ONE HOUR EARLIER START TIME THAN USUAL!!).

Robin has sent out a list of “materials” that you need. Please see her email of April 18th for complete details or email, Ellen ( and I will forward them to you.



At our meeting ,we will also be discussing the arrangements for our Amy Friend workshop.


Minutes from May 7 Meeting

Sherri Lynn Wood Style Improv Round Robin

Sewing intervals are 20 minutes long

After first 20 minutes, stop for show and tell

Pass to your right

Pictures taken at end of session


APRIL 9, 2017 Meeting

April 9 Meeting of NMQG

Noon- 2 pm, at the Common House of the Rocky Hill Co-housing Community, Northampton, MA


John Powers- John will give a lecture/demonstration on the topic, “The Quilter’s Body.”       John is the founder/owner of Integrated Muscular Therapy with a studio in Northampton, MA, whose work integrates  massage, exercise, strength training, and movement awareness.  He has worked successfully with two members of our guild who recommended him for a guild presentation.

HAVQG- wrap up —-favorite quilts or new ideas

Threads of Resistance —short discussion

Program for May—-Some thoughts or ideas

Sherri Lynne Wood style improve round robin

Programs for the Fall

Diane Wespiser will discuss the possibility of an Amy Friend

(  ) speaker/workshop in the fall.

Show and Tell

Date of April Meeting has been Changed

Our meeting scheduled for April 2,2017 has been changed due to the Hands Across the Valley Quilt show ( April 1 -2). Our next meeting will be on Sunday April 9, 12-2 Common House of the Rocky Hill Co-housing Community. Agenda will follow.

Next NMQG Meeting Agenda: 12:00 pm, Sunday January 8, 2017

Happy New Year Northampton Modern Quilters!

Our next meeting will be at 12:00-2:00 pm on January 8th at the Common House of the Rocky Hill Co-housing Community.

The Agenda is as follows:

1) Greetings and collect 2016 dues ….Don’t forget checkbook ,if needed.

2) Committee Discussion and Breakout

3) Quilt Con Quilt

Collection for Donna Adams for a small thank you gift for quilting the quilt at no charge.

Group “quilting bee” to hand stitch the binding and label. All attendees should bring their best hand stitch needle and a thimble if they use one.

4) Sharing

Next NMQG Meeting Agenda: 12:00 pm, Sunday May 1, 2016

1)     Introductions and Announcements

2)      Question/Answers about Wonky Half Log Cabin block challenge by the Philanthropy Committee.  Details were sent out by Email or see more here:  Wonky Quarter Log Cabin Challenge

3)      “Photographing your quilts” High quality images are critical to get your quilts accepted into juried shows, such as QuiltCon.  Caro Sheridan, NMQG member, CEO & maker in charge of Splityarn Handmade and Photography will share her expertise with us.

4)       Favorite quilting blogs/tutorial share.  We are going to (finally!) fill up our NMQG web page for blogs and tutorials.  Please send me your top 5 favorite blogs to (note – this is a different e-mail than I usually use- so I can better keep track of things) by Saturday April 30 .  I’ll need:

  1. the blog/tutorial name
  2. hyperlink
  3. why you like it

At the meeting, we’ll peek at our web page and explore some of our member’s favorite blogs and information sources.

5)      May Day 3-D Fabric Flower exchange.  Feeling crafty?  Do you have any extra fabric hanging around?   In honor of our May Day Meeting, we’re having an optional 3D flower exchange.  If you want to join, create a fabric flower to swap with other members.  There are many tutorials available on-line, and feel free to use any technique/fabric you like.

6)      Quick sharing.  The last 15 minutes of the meeting will be devoted to sharing.

One last note – a gentle reminder to everyone to remember to wear your quilty nametags.  It’s really helpful for those of us who find it difficult to remember names (but never forget a fabric line!)

Cheers!  Lynne (NMQG Secretary)


We meet at the at the Rocky Hill co-housing community.  The map and directions are also our web page   While it’s ok to drop off heavy items by the door, we have been asked to park along Black Birch Trail, before we reach the stop sign.  There may be some walking to this location, so if you have mobility issues, please let me know and we can try to work out a carpool.  Also, as we are guests at this location, and we have been asked to bring along slippers so we can remove our shoes.



Next Meeting Sunday April 3rd from 12-2 pm

Hello Northampton Modern Quilters,

Our next meeting will be on Sunday April 3th from 12-2 at the Common House of Rocky Hill co-housing community.  Our Agenda will be as follows:

  • Announcements
  • Program: Lee Thomson will present.  Lee is a Northampton artist who has extensive, sophisticated experience as a maker and creator of dolls, sewn/quilted items, quilts and a lot more. She belongs to local chapter of the national Surface Design organization.
  • Sharing (last 20 minutes)

We meet at the at the Rocky Hill co-housing community.  The map and directions are also our web page

While it’s ok to drop off heavy items by the door, we have been asked to park along Black Birch Trail, before we reach the stop sign.  There may be some walking to this location, so if you have mobility issues, please let me know and we can try to work out a carpool.  Also, as we are guests at this location, and we have been asked to bring along slippers so we can remove our shoes.